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High School Reunion

Persona 3 FES has finally made it to American shores, and one of the best RPGs ever made just gets better.

Role-Playing ps2 Nov 30, -1

Dead Or Alive 2: Hardcore

By now, I'm sure many of you have read my DoA2 vs. DoA2 article on IGNPS2 and think I'm on crack, but the simple fact of the matter is, this game is damn good, and is better on the PS2 than it is on the Dreamcast.

Fighting ps2 Jun 27, 2000


Who knew? Who know a friggin' tech demo disguised as a game could be so damn fun. I sure as hell didn't. Fantavision is amazingly fun, especially when you realize it's just a glorified particle demo. But what a glorification!

Puzzle ps2 Jun 30, 2000

Ridge Racer V

Welcome, my friends, to the first must-have title on the PlayStation2. Not surprisingly, it's a Namco game.

Racing ps2 Jun 30, 2000

Street Fighter EX3

When Arika took on the take of fleshing out what is arguably Capcom's most well-known 2D character base, some people balked.

Fighting ps2 Jun 30, 2000


Believe the hype. Snowboard SuperX is a dream. The best launch title for the PlayStation2? In one word: Yes.

Racing ps2 Nov 13, 2000

Tekken Tag Tournament

Sam Bishop dishes the dirt on the US version of Namco's revamped brawler.

Fighting ps2 Dec 19, 2000

Sky Odyssey

Best flying game in years? Somebody here thinks so. (Hint: He's our big doofis Editor-in-Chief.)

Flight ps2 Dec 29, 2000
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