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XSEED Games Shocking People Everywhere With Localization

You haven't finished your vacation until you are on Akiba's Trip!
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: March 6, 2014
What's more quirky than a game centered around vampires that hang out in the gaudy and wacky district of Akihabara on Tokyo (that's the area where you go for all your electronics and video game needs)? The only think quirkier is XSEED for deciding that there was enough demand to localize Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed for a Western release.

For pretty much everyone who doesn't know, Undead and Undressed is the sequel to the never-getting-released-here Akiba's Trip. Part RPG, part creepyish social simulator, the series is well-received in its home country but faces a few cultural barriers that have kept it unknown outside of Japan.

Players will roam the street engaging with anime and video game fanatics attempting to root out the Synthesizers in a tale ripped from the pages of Blade Runner. Forming the "Akiba Defense League", your party will work to find the cause of the Synthesizer menace and put an end to it.

In additional to your typical RPG mechanics, Akiba's Trip includes some unusual mechanics that might be gleaned from the "Undressed" part of the title, if you catch my drift. It's certainly not a game any teenager would want his parents to find. We're not ones to judge here at TPS, but we have to say this is the sort of thing that might stretch the "M" rating at times.

Those brave souls who aren't scared off by anime and the bending of Western morals would do well to check out one of the more sublime offerings to come stateside in quite some time.