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Ragnarok Odyssey ACE DLC Details Revealed

Lots of free stuff! But not all of it is free...
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: March 14, 2014
Back in the day you would very rarely see an "updated" release of a game that was essentially the same game with a smattering of new content. The earliest examples may have come from the fighting game genre. In recent years however that policy has spread out over the entire industry. While it might be easy to decry this as a cheap cash grab, it often ends up as a great deal for people who didn't adopt the first time around, and publishers have gotten good at stuffing enough new content or offering deep enough discounts that people are tempted to double-dip.

That intro leads into our discussion of the upcoming Ragnarok Odyssey ACE from Marvelous Inc. This follow-up to last years Vita grindfest is set to offer up everything from the original game and even includes cross-platform play with its PS3 cousins.

Those looking for what's new will be pleased to hear that includes a new never-ending dungeon (Tree of Yggdrasil), a new skill system and a host of mercenary NPCs to hire into your party. New bosses, new items and new everything also provide value, but that doesn't mean that EVERYTHING is included out of the box. There's a list of DLC available at launch that ranges from free to pretty cheap depending on whether or not you own the original game. Check out the official list!

Free to owners of the original “Ragnarok Odyssey” and $0.99 for others
- Archer’s Apple

- Bunny Hair Band

- Floppy Cat

- Gunslinger

- Majestic Horns

- Ninja

- Taekwon Kid

Free for two months, then priced at $0.99
- Royal Ball Outfit

Free for two months, then priced at $2.99
- Gorgeous Headwear

- Grandia Set (includes Justin and Feena’s armor and hair pieces, as well as five music tracks from Grandia)

* Ragnarok Odyssey ACE will include “Justin’s Goggles” and “Feena’s hair accessories” free via patch update. All other content can be accessed through the PlayStation Store

- Ragnarok Odyssey Collection (includes 10 armor items and 115 tracks from the original Ragnarok Odyssey)

- Ragnarok Online BGM Arrange Collection (includes 14 tracks from the original Ragnarok Odyssey)

As if there wasn't enough in the game already!