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Sensitive souls may want to shield their eyes.
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: January 21, 2014
So, you either "get" Idea Factory or you don't. The quintessential Japanese developer turns out games that often have deceptively deep mechanics but decidedly... bawdy style. If there were ever games you couldn't show mom, they were probably brought over by Idea Factory.

With their first foray onto the Vita they are ratcheting things up. You may have heard some of the tales of the upcoming Monster Monpiece already. Naked ladies, turning the Vita sideways and rubbing it as fast as you can to get a girls clothes off and... well stuff like that.

Let's make one thing clear. While there is still some stuff like that, Idea Factory has taken out a lot of the stuff that really pushed the boundaries for a western audience. You still probably wouldn't want to show this to your mom, but you also don't have to worry about local laws down in the bible belt.

Lest you think this game just revolves around morally questionable activities, there's actually a deep collectible card game bubbling underneath the surface. Of course the visuals are going to look stunning on the OLED Vita screen and you can probably also expect a story that will be inane but lighthearted.

So yeah, check out the screenshots and those of you with open minds who are intrigued by card battling can look forward to seeing this baby grace our shores sometime this Spring.