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Demon Gaze

A Release Date Appears For Demon Gaze

We've got some screenshots with English in them too!
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: January 23, 2014
You really never know what is going to come from the minds who are in charge of importing over at Nippon Ichi Studios. They certainly don't bring over EVERY quirky Japanese game that bends our cultural ideas, but they sure do choose a wide-ranging cross-section of that stuff.

Their latest project is Demon Gaze, and old-school dungeon crawler in the strictest sense. Imagine Wizardry, but not the Sir-Tech version; this is the hyper-sexualized Japanese anime version that has the same hard-core grinding only with lots of buxom and scantily clad ladies around.

To be fair, we don't know if the gameplay is as hard-core since we don't know anyone who played the original (or it's prequel Students of the Round) but I bet it's a good guess.

What we do know is that it's the story of Oz, a brash young fellow who happens to have a magic eye that can trap demons. Taking place thousands of years after SotR, Oz will head into the dungeons of Mislid to help get rid of the demon scourge below.

Say what you will about the art style, you can't discount the fact that these are some painstakingly detailed and illustrated graphics. The Vita screen enhances games like this with it's ability to make the colors glow.

Demon Gaze is going to be available on the 22nd of April with both physical and digital version for your buying pleasure.