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Surprise! PS Vita TV Announced Out Of The Blue

Just when you thought Sony couldn't have any more surprises.
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: September 9, 2013
We are accustomed to getting a few new bits of information in the weeks leading up to the Tokyo Game Show. Sony and others want to make a few announcements ahead of time so they can focus on a few tentpole ideas during the show, and to that end Sony held a special press conference in Japan late last night (or early this morning). The big news (for Japanese folks) was the announcement of a PS4 release date (February 22nd, sorry glorious Nippon!) there were also a wide ranging selection of game announcements. Most of those were for stuff that will never see the light of day over here, but we did get some amazing footage of Deep Down to whet our appetites.

Just when we thought the show was winding down, out popped everyone's favorite Brit Andrew House to make a special announcement. At first we thought the announcement was that he knew how to speak Japanese (who knew!) but then he held up a weird little white box. As the translators caught up we head stories of a box that would stream videos to your TV. Ah... Sony moving into AppleTV/Roke space?

Then we saw a Dualshock 4... and then we heard that this thing also plays Vita games... on your TV! Yes, PlayStation Vita TV is coming, allowing you not only to stream all your favorite video content to your TV, but play the full range of PS1, PSP and Vita games that are available to all Vita users! For the amazing low price of $100! Granted, you'll also need a Dualshock 3 and a memory card, but that still seems like a fantastic price. There is the caveat that games that RELY on touchscreen interaction won't be able to be supported, but those are actually few and far between.

This little beauty is hitting in Japan later this year, and while we don't have word on a US release yet they DID say it would be coming to all territories eventually. There will also likely be a bundle with the controller and memory card available at launch too.

As if this device didn't sound amazing enough already as a way to play Persona 4 Golden on a huge screen, Sony mentioned that the PS Vita TV was expected to support PS4 Remote Play from anywhere in the world. So PS4/Vita TV owners will not only be able to easily play PS4 from anywhere in their house, you can also easily take it on the go provided you end up someplace with a strong wireless connection. It's a feature that sounds more and more amazing the more you think about it. Sure, the output is limited to 720p/1080i but are you REALLY going to complain about that as you play Watch_Dogs 2000 miles from your PS4?

Seriously Sony, what has gotten into you this year? It's like you are the scrappy upstart shaking up the world of the big boys again!