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Dragon's Crown

Heed My Royal Proclamation: Watch The New Dragon's Crown Trailer

I am a benevolent king.
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: July 30, 2013
It's almost time to get fitted for your crown. Your Dragon's Crown that is. Yes, the game that seems like it has been in the making forever (we have screenshots from 2010 on the PS3 side... Vita wan't even NGP yet!) is finally coming to our shores next week. We've actually had our hands on the game for about a week and if you check back tomorrow afternoon you might find out what we thought.

In the interim, if you haven't yet heard about Dragon's Crown, check out the trailer below to see what happens when someone sets out to make the definitive arcade beat-'em-up on a modern console. There is a whole lot of love packed into this package from Vanillaware, and even if you take umbrage with their artstyle you can't deny it's unique and eye-catching.

If you hurry out an pre-order today you'll still be able to grab the deluxe 64-page full color artbook that probably isn't safe to take to middle school with you. Both the PS3 and Vita versions of the game will hit stores and the PSN on Tuesday, and the PS3 version will run you $49.99 while you can pick up the Vita version for $39.99. Sorry, no cross-buy this time around (or cross-play), but it IS cross-save so if you really need your Crown fix at all times you can get both versions as cloud your save to keep the game going. You might need to play whenever you get the chance because one thing I can say is that this game can eat up some serious hours.

So check back tomorrow, but in the meantime, check out the new trailer!