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Muramasa: Rebirth

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Muramasa Rebirth Brings The Blessing of Amitabha With A Collector's Edition

How many flavors of the game will Vanillaware offer?
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: April 10, 2013
There's a decent chance you have a Wii buried under a bunch of cables beneath your television set. It might be more like to push out some dust bunnies instead of Raving Rabbids at this point, but we bet it's still there. Depending on when you forgot about it, you may have never heard of a stylish little brawler known as Muramasa.

Thankfully Aksys Games and Vanillaware don't think it's right that the game is relegated to the bargain bin at Gamestop, so they've decided now is the perfect time to launch an upgraded version on the Vita. Enter Muramasa Rebirth, a hi-res rerelease that includes four new characters along with all the original content.

If you HAVEN'T heard of it, Muramasa tells the tale of a ninja who's forgotten everything except how to fight. In order to put his life back together he's got to collect as many of the 108 lost swords as he possibly can. Considered one of the best looking games on the Wii, the improved visuals should be stunning on the OLED on the Vita, and the relatively short mission structure will translate well onto the Vita.

Those who are in the know will likely rush out to drop a preorder on the Blessing of Amitabha edition which is going to include a whole suite of preorder bonuses like:

- Muramasa Rebirth face cover by Hori, clip it on to protect your screen and show off your fandom with the huge logo on the front.
- Muramasa Rebirth skin by Hori, lay this over the front of your Vita to give it a unique look and show off for your friends.
- Drawstring bag, a nice velvet pouch to safely ensconce your Vita in and give you a nice little carrying strap
- Limited edition lithograph by the Vanillaware team, suitable for framing.

and of course if you preorder from Amazon or GameStop there is an added bonus, taking the form of a limited edition copy of the soundtrack. At least it isn't in-game content!

That sounds like a pretty spiffy package to get along with a beautiful game that was thought to be lost to a lost system. We'll have more info and quite possibly a review when the game hits early this summer.