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Unit 13

Zipper Unveils Unit 13 For PS Vita

Now that is something worth being thankful for.
Author: Scott Rodgers
Published: November 22, 2011
Zipper is making a new shooter you say? Well that definitely has my attention.

Say hello to Unit 13. The game is centered around co-op, on-the-go gameplay and gives the player a choice of six operatives, each with their own unique set of abilities. There are 36 missions across nine locales and they come in all sorts of sizes and difficulties. It doesn't matter if you only have time for a quick firefight or want to play for hours on end, there should be something that you can hop in and play. As you progress you'll unlock the right to take on HVT (High Value Target) battles. After completing these missions you can share them with nearby friends and players using the Vita's "NEAR" feature.

Zipper's team put forth a lot of effort to use the Vita's WiFi and 3G functionality to bolster the game's social and competitive aspects. Unit 13 will use a live notification interface to keep players up to date on leaderboards, "Daily Challenge" content, shared HVT missions, unlocks, and challenges. Really, when you pair this with the Motorstorm RC news it seems that the Vita is shaping up to be a nifty social gaming tool that centers around beating your friends and making sure they know. Of course, this can also work against you but I have faith in our readers to be able to whoop their circle of friends.

Co-op will have high quality voice chat enabled and teams can compete for the top positions on global, regional, and friend leaderboards. Zipper is harping on the Vita's dual analog sticks and touch interface on the PS Blog and I'm interested to see how they make this game work. Hopefully it's more than "swipe finger to knife" or something like that. We'll all get to see how the game shakes out near the Vita's launch (no official date just yet).