Recent News

PlayStation Now Beta Launches For Vita, PlayStation TV

Did you pick up a PlayStation TV yet? It is so tiny! You can now stream PlayStation 3 games to it like it is going out of style (and it probably is)!

PlayStation TV Release Date Revealed

Gamers in North America and Europe can now rejoice later this year with Sony's latest hardware offering.

Rollers of the Realm Brings New Trailer, More Ambiguity

Atlus will be publishing one of the more interesting mash-ups of this year, featuring pinball bumpers and hit points.

Big Sale On Vita Titles (Today Only)

Best Buy has taken the "Crazy Eddie" approach to hawking their wares as several Vita titles are $10 today only.

New PlayStation Vita Model Available In US

Like with the redesigns of the PSP, the PlayStation Vita has some pros and cons to consider.

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE DLC Details Revealed

Lots of free stuff! But not all of it is free...

Take A Gander At The Opening Cinematic Of Final Fantasy X HD

More trailers! More trailers!

XSEED Games Shocking People Everywhere With Localization

You haven't finished your vacation until you are on Akiba's Trip!

Sony Announces That Vita-2000 Is Coming Stateside

I guess the cool colors couldn't get through customs though.

A Release Date Appears For Demon Gaze

We've got some screenshots with English in them too!

Much Monster Monpiece Information

Sensitive souls may want to shield their eyes.

It's Almost Time For Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc!

Most of you are probably saying... what?

ATLUS and Spike Chunsoft Announce Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

There are a million paternity jokes to be made here.

Ys: Memories of Celceta Vita Release Date Confirmed

Give thanks for getting this date!

Screenshots of Ys: Memories of Celceta Appear

Mind your P's and Q's when you check these out.

Double Dose Of Dragon's Crown

If you aren't playing yet, you will be!

First Details Announced For GaymerX2

There is even going to be a wedding this year!

Surprise! PS Vita TV Announced Out Of The Blue

Just when you thought Sony couldn't have any more surprises.

Batman : Arkham Origins Blackgate

It's the season of new trailers and we love it.

Joe Danger And Joe Danger 2: The Movie Coming To Vita

Finally the marriage of our favorite stuntman and our favorite platform.

Borderlands 2 Coming To Vita

Say whaaaaaaaaaaa? Wub wub!

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Shows Off New Screenshots And A Video

Wish they would show off a release date!

Heed My Royal Proclamation: Watch The New Dragon's Crown Trailer

I am a benevolent king.

A New Trailer Appears! It Seems To Be Atomic Ninjas!

What exactly makes a ninja "atomic"? Excellent question!

Muramasa Rebirth Brings The Blessing of Amitabha With A Collector's Edition

How many flavors of the game will Vanillaware offer?

Jetpack Joyride Cracks a Million Downloads

And that's just on the PSN. Bravo, our Aussie friends, bravo.

Marvel Super Heroes Build Their Way into LEGO Games Fall 2013

I love playing with LEGOs!

PS Plus for Vita Offers Instant Game Collection Blowout

No, seriously, six free games right off the bat, plus a whole bunch of new firmware features.

PlayStation Plus Shows Up On Vita At Last

Well, PS+ comes in November, but that's pretty soon!

E3 Stays In LA

The City of Angels will play host to its "largest annual conference" through 2015 - with a twist.