PlayStation Vita: The Future

There's plenty on the horizon, let us show you a few specifics, won't you?
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: February 10, 2012
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With the plethora of launch titles both first- and third-party, Sony and friends could probably rest on their laurels all the way through the holidays and most of us wouldn't mind at all. But of course that isn't happening! There are a handful of games coming out in the nebulous time known as "the launch window" that could appear on shelves at the end of this month or maybe next month or possibly the month after! While not all of these games have a solid release date quite yet, you can rest assured that they are going to be available before the summer. Let's take a closer look at what you'll be playing when you can finally afford more games…

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention
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You might call it a tradition at this point for the latest Sony handheld to get the ultimate version of the latest Disgaea game (with a snazzy new subtitle). Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness and Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days built upon their PS2 predecessors and added scads of new content to a game already brimming with it. Now the cycle repeats itself as the zany Disgaea 3 get the same treatment on the Vita. So expect even more pushing of prinnies and dabbling with demons in an epic adventure that you could easily put hundreds of hours into and still just be scratching the surface.

Gravity Rush
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What happens with the creator of Silent Hill and the mind behind the Siren series decides he's a little tired of survival horror and wants to do something different? We get Gravity Rush (known as Gravity Daze in its native Japan), a game where perception becomes reality and the normal laws of gravitational pull are completely thrown out the window. It's a little hard to explain, but this trailer will give you a much better idea than our abstract description.

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7
Sure, LEGO games are hardly the cutting-edge kitsch they were when they first graced us with the Star Wars games, yet you can't deny they still simply ooze charm. Word is the Harry Potter themed games have finally spiced up the series again, and if you haven't already unlocked every last thing in the PS3 version, this might be a good time to jump back into the fray. One of the best things about the series is how kid-friendly it is, both in terms of content and ease of the controls, something developers often don't spend enough time thinking about. We're willing to bet that you'll be spending lots of time tapping and rubbing on the Vita trying to squeeze more LEGO bits out of every corner of Hogwarts, and yes, sadly, you DO have to save Draco Malfoy in the end.

MLB 12 The Show
These days there is really only one series that matters if you are a fan of the sport previously known as America's pastime. A few other pretenders to the throne might pop up, but if you aren't playing The Show, you may as well leave your glove at home because you are riding the pine. The series has always been spectacular on the PSP, and barring the other Madden Curse of a shoddy product in the first year on a new system, there is no reason to think the upcoming edition on the Vita will be any different. Once again, the new controls schemes that will be available on the Vita ensure that you'll feel more in the game than ever, and with highly customizable difficulty options anyone can pick it up and play. No other sports game in any genre has found a way to match the quick-hitting fun of "Road to the Show" mode, which is a perfect fit for the portable world where you might not have 90 or more minutes to invest in a full-fledged 9 inning day at the park.

Reality Fighters
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Finally! A game where we get to see what happens if The Situation and Flavor Flav take on the entire cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! I call dibs on Camille Grammer! Sigh. No, that's just a dream that will have to wait for another day. So what is Reality Fighters? While we hesitate to call it a "gimmick game", it'll be interesting to see how a game where you take pictures of you, your friends, your cat and some Abercrombie models and use them as fighters in the game pans out. While the fighting may or may not be the most complex out there (and we are guessing it'll be the latter), Sony is making sure it'll be full of camp if nothing else. Featuring the ability to record your own entrance and victory videos along with clever Augmented Reality tricks to turn your room into an arena, we're not going out on a limb to say there isn't anything else quite like it on a handheld system to date.

Ridge Racer
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We've said it once, but we'll say it again. You can't launch a new Sony console without churning out a new Ridge Racer game. If you've touched the series at all, you know what to expect, only now with more… touching! Arcade racing, plenty of powerslides, mirrored tracks and of course online racing action are sure to sate your speed needs. We'd love to tell you even more about racing the ridges, but we haven't been privy to a whole lot more details yet. One thing you can count on… an overly effusive announcer is sure to say… Riiiiiiiiiiddddddddddddddge Raaaaaaaaaacerrrrrrrr!

Silent Hill: Book of Memories
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Silent Hill, worst town in America? You certainly won't find it on any list of Top Ten Places to Raise a Family any time soon. Taking a cue from one of the other seminal Survival Horror franchises, Book of Memories is set to eschew the survival and the horror and instead take on a whole new genre as the focus shifts to a co-op action-oriented series that is very reminiscent of games like Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance. Instead of a story-driven game that focuses on a single character, this iteration will let you create your own avatar from scratch and customize him through light RPG elements and leveling up. We're big fans of co-op chaos here at TPS, so it'll be interesting to see how the new direction pans out.

Supremacy MMA: Unrestricted
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Here's something we never thought we'd say… Supremacy MMA could well be a breath of fresh air that shatters the restrictive shackles of the UFC license. A badass brawler that looks like it will focus on flash over any semblance of reality, the screenshots and trailers we've seen show buckets of blood, bunches of broken bones and over the top action that might make Vince McMahon AND Dana White blush. It probably won't appeal to "hardcore" UFC fans, but those guys are kind of weird, if you know what I mean. Think Def Jam: Fight For NY in an octagon instead of Central Park!

Unit 13
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One thing handhelds haven't been known for so far is tightly controlled shooters, be they first- or third-person. Sure, they've been tried a few times, but so far none of them have set the gaming world on fire. Zipper Interactive is looking to change that impression with Unit 13. While their history has been littered with online action (MAG and SOCOM), they've take the wise decision to focus on single-player action this time around. In something of a nod to Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, you'll focus on short missions that might focus on stealth and might focus on killing as much as possible, all with the aim of doing it as fast as your gun will allow. Online leaderboards will give you people to compete with besides yourself, and of course the bite-sized action chunks are perfect for the platform.

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