PlayStation Vita: The Games Guide

First party software is crucial for a platform's success. What can we expect from Sony out of the gate?
Author: Scott Rodgers
Published: February 8, 2012
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Sam spoke about the Vita having the largest launch library of any game. Well, take a gander at these 25 titles and Iím sure youíll find something that strikes your fancy. Games will range from $9.99 to $49.99 MSRP and some games will be available exclusively on the PSN. Others will let you pick up a retail copy or download it digitally. Letís start with the first party titles.

Escape Plan
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This is the first of three PSN exclusive first party titles. If you plan on trying out this puzzle title you best invest in a bigger memory card. As you can tell from our media page (go on, click the title, Iíll wait) the game has a very distinct look. Players will have to control two characters, Lil and Laarg and navigate them through danger-ridden rooms. As cute as the game looks, it seems that death can be quite gory. According to Amazon this title will still cost $39.99 though it is a digital download. This is one of those where it is best to see it for yourself.

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational
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Itís been a while since we last saw the Hot Shots Golf series. The last game in the series to come out in the United States reached our shores was Open Tee 2 in 2008. Iíve always had a soft spot for the series and I think it will make excellent use of the Vita hardware. One of the niftiest features I have read about is that players will be able to view the courses using the systemís Augmented Reality feature. This game will be the price of most of the systemís titles at $39.99. If youíre curious to learn more about how the game works be sure to check out the trailer below.

Hustle Kings
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I donít know if you ever played the PS3 version of this game but it was quite the sensation back in its day. Iíd say it is the best pool game on the PS3 but thatís not exactly a genre that is lighting the world on fire. Instead, Iíll just let it be known that it was one of the best looking and fun PSN titles I have ever played. Too bad I didnít have enough people on my friendís list to play online against. It will be available as a digital download but thereís no price set or on the web that I could find at the time of this writing. Check out the trailer here.

Little Deviants
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Arguably the cutest game on the Vita, Little Deviants looks to be an interesting combination of arcade games. Being able to use the touchpad on the back to create hills and help move your deviant to the finish definitely looks interesting. If nothing else this is a hardware showcase title that can really just show what the Vita has cooking under the hood. Definitely check out the trailer below and see what you think. Another bonus is that this game comes with the first edition bundle and even if you skip that itíll only cost you $29.99.

ModNation Racers: Road Trip
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This game has already had more drama than most titles get in their lifespan. After the bomb was dropped that the game did not feature online head-to-head it took Erich Waas, the Director of Product Development at Sony San Diego, to make a post on the PS Blog in an attempt to douse the flames. The GPS system definitely looks neat and gives people a reason to carry their Vitas around at all times, but I know many will still feel jipped. Check out the blog post and see if the online has enough for your $29.99.

Super Stardust Delta
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Arguably the best PSN title to date, Super Stardust HD will always have a place on my PS3ís hard drive. SSD looks to be even bigger and better than the previous games with eleven unique modes. No other game says that you can use the rear touch to create a black hole. For that alone itís worth a look. This is the last of three PSN exclusive first party titles and unfortunately thereís no indicators on the price.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss
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I donít know if there is a bigger game coming to the Vita than this. Uncharted is the PS3ís flagship franchise and the fact that Sony is trusting Nathan Drakeís next adventure in this handheld can only mean good things. Coming off of a strong showing with Uncharted 3, the series has been handed off to SCEA Bend. If youíre getting a Vita, itís likely that this will be among the games you pick up but I should note that it is also the priciest title available (the full $49.99). Be sure to check out the trailer and behind-the-scenes mo-cap sessions.

WipEout 2048
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I said that Super Stardust HD was arguably the best PSN title. Key word was ďarguablyĒ because WipEout HD takes the crown for me. If you havenít already, check out Sam Bishopís preview of the game from E3 and the official trailer below. Those two in combination should give you an excellent idea on just what to expect. As far as price goes, things are all over the map at the moment. On the PS Store the game is listed at $34.99, on Gamestopís site it is $39.99, but Amazon is selling copies for $29.99 at the moment. That last one could be a sale, in which case you better hurry!

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