PlayStation Vita: The Games Guide

You don't want your Vita to be naked, do you? Memory cards, cases, covers, and more.
Author: Scott Rodgers
Published: February 8, 2012
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After you get your spiffy new PlayStation Vita you may be wondering just what the heck you should buy. Games and accessories are the next logical step and that's why I'm here to guide you. In this third part of our Vita Launch Blowout I will take you through the first few weeks of games and also the first party accessories from Sony themselves. So sit back and enjoy but make sure to add your favorites to your wish list. If you are so inclined and use Amazon, please support us by clicking and purchasing through the referral links provided. It won't cost you anything extra and it's still Amazon but we do get a small kickback. It would be much appreciated.


4GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card - $19.99

8GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card - $29.99

16GB Memory Card for PlayStation Vita (PSVita) - $59.99

32GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card - $99.99

PlayStation Vita Starter Kit with Memory Card - $39.99

PlayStation Vita In-ear Headset - $19.99

PlayStation Vita Carrying Case - $19.99

PlayStation Vita Carrying Case - $19.99

PlayStation Vita Protective Film - Two Pack - $9.99

PlayStation Vita Card Case - $5.99

PlayStation Vita Cradle - $19.99

PlayStation Vita AC Adaptor - $14.99

PlayStation Vita USB Cable - $14.99

All of these items will be available on February 15. Sony has also planned to release a Portable Charger ($49.99) and Car Adaptor ($14.99) but there is no release date available except for the vague "Spring 2012."
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