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PlayStation Vita: The Future

A system lives and dies by its software lineup, and with over 100 titles in development, the Vita doesn't seem to be suffering much in that regard. But what, specifically should you be saving up for?

PlayStation Vita: The Games Guide

It's the reason you buy systems in the first place. The second in our three part series delves into the Vita's launch lineup.

PlayStation Vita: The Pre-Launch Guide

What does it do? What does it cost? What games will be there? What's waiting after the launch? All these questions and more you probably never thought to ask will be answered this week. First up: The Hardware

TotalRoundTable: How Is That Vita News Playing In The Cheap Seats?

E3 2011 may be done, but our thoughts on their biggest announcement, the price and some of the new features for the PlayStation Vita, are far from settled.