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Arcs, Tetrises and Bots hit the PSN

[DLC Depot] January 4th
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: January 4, 2011
Welcome to yet another lazy wrap-up story that lets you, our faithful reader, get the quick 'n dirty poo on what's coming to the PlayStation Store. If this sounds a little familiar, it's probably because you've seen our [Gone Gold] or [Shipping Out] or [Rock Block] stories. Yes, we're fond of combining news. And brackets, lots and lots o' brackets; they make us feel all hip.

The way this little run-down works, though, is less about spilling out all the updates on the PlayStation Store (though that'll happen here too if we can stop being lazy long enough to copy and paste in those goodies) and more about highlighting the more interesting updates (that means we're avoiding giving any more attention to those terrible paid themes of poorly-drawn anime babes). Here's what's notable this week:

[PS one Classics] (Playable on PS3 and PSP)
[Arc the Lad III]
MonkeyPaw Games has been on a roll as of late, bringing over some of the best of the PS one era's more Eastern-oriented games. The latest is also one of the most rare -- it was never released on its own outside of Japan and was previously only available as part of the Arc the Lad Collection that Working Designs put out before they went under -- and centers around the lead of Alec (yep, he's one of those "mysterious past" archetypes Japan loves so very, very much) in the first proper 3D outing for the turn-based RPG.

[Minis] (Playable on PS3 and PSP)
[Sky Force]
Though this one is technically only for our friends in Euro land (at least right now; developer/publisher Infinite Dreams is promising the game will make its way Stateside eventually), we're a fan of Minis that show more effort than your standard one-off App Store port or overpriced game concept. For 2.99, you lucky EU folks will get a top-down shooter with pre-rendered backgrounds (for plenty of detail, check out the screens) and 3D pew-pew. Not bad, eh?

[PlayStation 3]
If you don't know about Tetris at this point, we welcome you to Planet Earth and hope you enjoy your stay. Chances are you too will find Alexey Pajitnov's simple-but-merciless game of basic bock stacking to your liking. Take comfort in the fact that you didn't have to wait like the rest of us PS3 owners to finally get to play the game in 1080p. And, of course, if you have heard of Tetris, then you too can celebrate with our new alien overlords!

Blue Sky Interactive's twin-stick trip through the human body certainly sounds interesting, and along with fellow EA-published outing Tetris, joins the PSN today. We'd love to explain things, but EA's Jason Haber does a much, much better job of it.

"When we set out to create MicroBot, we wanted to ensure it provided a unique gameplay experience setting it apart from other offerings in the digital download marketplace," Haber oh so helpfully explains for us. "By taking players inside a place they have rarely visited before the human body and giving gamers endless customization options, we made a game that lives up to that vision and, most importantly, provides an addictive gameplay experience for anyone who plays games on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network."

And there you have it. Should we get the press release treatment for any more titles today, we'll make sure we update you.