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PSPgo Price Drop... At Best Buy

In a pre-holiday sale, at least one store is pushing the little handheld that could.
Author: Ryan Green
Published: November 4, 2010
Over on, they have recently announced a "Shop Early, Save Big" sale that will run November 5th-6th (aka this Friday and Saturday). This might not seem newsworthy if it wasn't a temporary price drop on an item that just saw a $50 price cut.

Yes, my dears, the PSPgo is on sale. Get ready to Rock... Band Lite.

For the next two days, the PSPgo at Best Buy will run you $149.99, $20 less than the PSP-3000 core bundle. Both the Piano Black and Pearl White PSPgo systems will be eligible for the $50 discount, so never fear in that department.

It is worth noting that stores will have a minimum of six PSPgo systems, so you might want to get up early if you live in a busy area. Of course, there won't be any rainchecks either, so don't think this price drop will last you past a store's supply.

Word of advice: if your store is out, ask them to "OMS it from another store". That means another store can hold it for you as you pay in the one you are at. Nifty, huh?

If we find any more random sales like that, we'll make sure to let you know.