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Kingdom Hearts Vs. The PSP Go

Words have been said, but Sony hasn't weighed in yet. Oh, wait, they have.
Author: Ryan Green
Published: August 29, 2010
This week, one little response has been floating around and causing a lot of chaos. Just like anything, you could have taken a look at it once and never thought twice. But, when you are dealing with the gaming blogs, message boards, and social networks, anything can be amplified a few thousand times without anyone stopping to think.

[Editor's note: I am not trying to put blame on any one writer or outlet for this rampant story, and as such I will link to as few misleading articles as possible.]

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep's UMD-exclusivity has been the topic of much anguish, but the story doesn't seem to be as complete as some believe it to be. Everything seems to originate at the blog "Because I told You So". The quote in question given from PR simply states "Just found out that there unfortunately are no plans to release KHBBS on PSP Go. If that changes, I will certainly let you know!".

The result of this quote came in the form of a tidal wave of reposts and links from many major gaming outlets, some forming their own, negative conclusions and pushing it on the unfortunate handheld. There is also an interesting lack of support by Square-Enix with the re-release of their games on the PSN for Go owners to access, which only let Leviathan's wrath to broaden. The only problem is that this PR quote never says Kingdom Hearts will be exclusive to UMD.

Responding to these inquires on the PlayStation Blog, Sid Shuman said of the comment "Yeah, chalk that up to rumor and speculation for now. I spoke with a Square Enix representative a few weeks ago, and he said the company hasnít announced anything at this time one way or the other".

At worst, this is a war of Public Relations, and we have seen similar situations play out before. But Shuman's comments corroborate the original quote that nothing has been announced officially. Dissidia: Final Fantasy was one of the last PSP games to come out, which after the official retail release, made it over to the PlayStation Network. The likely outcome will be Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep coming out later, after the initial sales of the UMD version have begun to calm down. That is my opinion, not that of What can be said as fact is that Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep has not been confirmed nor denied for release on the PSN, but will release in the United States on September 7th, 2010 on UMD.