Monster Hunter Freedom 2

[Gamers' Day 2007] Grrr! Arrrg!

Hands-on impressions with an updated build of Monster Hunter Freedom 2 are a click away.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: May 17, 2007
Let this be a lesson to us all: even if you think you're all badass with your dual blades and almost kinky little brawler girl outfit, it's not really a good idea to just go charging all willy-nilly into battle. See, we'd already played through a multiplayer version of Monster Hunter Freedom 2, but we didn't realize just how helpful it was to have three other peeps pulling distraction duty when it came time to tag-team a huge ass dragon.

And maybe that was what Capcom was trying to demonstrate with their newest build of the game that's already sold more than a million freakin' copies in Japan: you can't just go it alone and expect to walk out unscathed. Or, uh, in our case alive, but then we have a feeling the original Capcom Gamer's Day build had characters that were way more beefed up (or at least we'll keep telling ourselves that).

The core of the game, though, seemed pretty much identical (y'know, just minus the help that we now see is kinda important). We could still roll, still lock on, still power-up our attack to lunge in with a flurry of more powerful strikes, but the game did look even better than before. It was likely due to the fact that we got used to looking at the game on an LCD monitor during its first showing, since we doubt Capcom is spending a ton of time upgrading the game even more for US shores. Of course, this is one instance where we certainly wouldn't mind being wrong, we're just trying to be realistic.

Regardless, the game still looks gorgeous, and in a very real sense, demonstrated just why the game has done so well. Teaming up with other people to fight huge monsters is a social event, and without any buddies to venture out with, we just plum got spanked.