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So you're telling us we're supposed to use tilt and bounce gameplay to guide these singing blob-looking creatures across a bunch of wacky, vibrant worlds? ...We'll do it!

And there's a very cute reason why you'll want it.

A poor attempt at alliteration, yes, but we know someone at Sony's bound to be sounding off over their stellar E3 line-up.

Those press kits don't upload themselves, you know! We present to you smorgasbord of screens n' movies from all the big publishers and their respective showcases.

Dear lordy, it's a cute overload! Feast your eyes on a ton of new shots, plus our first trailer of the game in action.

Better yet, LocoRoco, what with it rolling to retail today and all.

We may not have the staff of the big guys, but we can update like 'em! Hundreds of movies and screens are coming your way, and this is where you can see 'em all.

Aww, Halloween-themed LocoRoco screens! Ok, now we're totally in the festive mood... and the mood to play more LocoRoco.

Everyone's favourite jelly-like creatures could be bouncing their way onto the PSP and PS3 platforms, sooner than you think.

UK gamers will soon be shelling out £20 less for the system, while the rest of Europe can enjoy a pretty new price point of €169.99.