Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble

A Badass Blast from the Past

Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble let's you punch faces like a real Japanese school kid.
Author: Janine Dong
Published: April 25, 2012
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School field trips for the most part are usually hardly anything to get excited about unless the itinerary consists of going to an amusement park or, in this case, becoming the manliest badass Bancho in Japan! Enter Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble (KBBR)! This incredibly eccentric Japanese title is a real gem and only suffers a little from awkward American translations. KBBR guarantees a whole lot of fisticuffs, smack talking, Japanese slang and just a sprinkle of love.

Players begin the game by choosing a name for their Bancho as well as selecting a district within Kyouto as their hometown. A different starting special move is assigned based on whichever district is selected. However, don't worry if you don't like the one you end up with because as you beat other Bancho leaders, you'll automatically assimilate their arsenal of moves to a customizable list.
The game takes place over the course of a week and players are able to freely roam the streets of different locations in Kyouto in search of their next punching bag targets, namely Bancho leaders. At the start of the game it might seem like you're wandering the streets aimlessly picking fights with any old Shabazo in plain sight. However, it's quickly learned that these poor saps you beat up are associated with different schools and upon defeat they drop very important pieces of information itineraries.

You'll need to collect as many itineraries as possible because each school has a different schedule which is charted on the itinerary map, making it easier for you to strategize your plan of attack to optimize your limited time in the game. While there are 48 different gangs to dominate in just a week, attacking them one by one is not always the smartest choice. Certain leaders command multiple gangs and thus defeating them automatically puts their territories under your control. However, they didn't become boss without busting heads, so be sure to stock up on restorative items before you challenge them to a stand-off.

Once you've finally tracked down a Bancho leader, you'll want to be sure to shame him by beating him to a pulp. Now, before you decide to ambush a poor Shabazo from behind, stop to rethink your actions. Why? Because there's a Bancho code of ethics of course! If you should fail to adhere to the short set of rules, your badass level will deplete. Maintaining your badass level is important because it determines how many and which peons will be willing to join your noble cause. Here are few hints to maintain your badassery:

1) Initiate via Menchi Beam the fervor of your concentrated passion and determination. All fights must be initiated with Menchi Beams. You'll know you've done it correctly when you're launched into a sequence filled with nonsensical and sometimes badly translated insults that often make you want to laugh instead of feel intimidating.

2) No weapons allowed While you may notice some Shabazos walking around with an assortment of weapons and such, you're better than that. Your fists are stronger than any metal bat or kendo sword. You've trained your fists hard, so let your fists reap the satisfaction of breaking teeth and bones.

3) Don't pick on civilians and inanimate objects while the devil on your shoulder assures you that these activities are too much fun to pass up, you'll want to steer clear of using your Menchi Beam to scare people into dropping pocket change or scurrying away while screaming and flailing in the air. Also, public property what did it ever do to you? A true man doesn't pick on anything that can't fight back.
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