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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Everyone’s Got a Story

And you can hear all about Toni Cipriani's, as Rockstar's sprawling series has gone portable with Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, shelving as we speak!
Author: Kyle Sutton
Published: October 25, 2005
There are a million stories in Liberty City. This one changes everything. Once a trusted wise guy in the Leone crime family, Toni Cipriani was forced into hiding after killing a made man. Now he's back and it's time for things to be put right.

...oh! Hello there! Sorry, we found ourselves captivated in reading the back of the box to Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories which, if you haven't figured out by now, has made its mark in retailers scouring the ol' US of A.

Make no mistake - this is a full-blown Grand Theft Auto game in portable form, settled in the familiar Liberty City just a few years prior to the events of GTA3. Motorcycles, boats, and interior environments have all been thrown into the mix, taking everything Rockstar has accomplished technically in its hallmark series thus far and making it yours to experience. And did we mention? You and up to five other gangsters on the go and sync up wirelessly and wage war in one of seven multiplayer games, from an all-out deathmatch in Liberty City Survivor (!) to Rockstar's version of capture the flag, involving stealing your opponent's gang car in Get Stretch. Better hope your friends pick up this game as quickly as you did...

Killer app? We'll have our verdict by the weekend, but for now, just know that Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is available for $49.99 and you should probably buy it. Like, right now.