Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Ivalice’s Most Wanted

It's Final Fantasy Tactics: Part Deux. It's awesome and it's new! Well not really new..
Author: Logan Kaleus
Published: November 8, 2007
There are a lot of games that live on high pedestals amongst the masses of gamers. These are the games that every gamer should ALWAYS have in their collection. Some games that come to mind are God of War, Rez, and a game called Final Fantasy Tactics. If you didn't have this PSone RPG gem in your collection, you weren't a gamer (we have it!) Well now is your chance to grab this game on PSP and not much has changed.

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions was a epic tale about the feud between those of noble birth and people of "lowbirth" rights. You take on the role of the blonde haired Ramza who is born of noble birth, but whose best friend is of lowbirth. Caught in this struggle, Ramza tries to decide what is right and what is most important in life. Kind of like the decision weather or not to go to work when you wake up in the morning. Well maybe not that hard..

Now if you aren't familiar with a tactics game, let us break it down for you. It's kind of like chess mixed with a turn-based RPG. You pick a character, move within the space allotted, and then choose a spell or attack depending on what class and where you need to attack. Now that is pretty much the bread and butter of what a tactics RPG is. Final Fantasy Tactics actually elaborates quite a bit from the equation. Job classes in where you need to level certain jobs in order to unlock others and which contributes to alot of the many hours you spend in the game (We like ninjas! Too bad there isn't a pirate though.) You just aren't leveling these jobs for the other jobs because any skill or magic you have learned with a previous job you can equip to put your own individual spin on your band of misfits. Now what does this version do that the old one did not. Let us give you the downlow.

War of the Lions is pretty much a clean port from the PSone. The sprites are the same, which to us is a good thing. We'd rather have the sprites be the same instead of the graphic overhauls Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II got. There are a few new things done which make this game slightly better. First off they went with a 3D/cel shading approach to the cutscenes. These, in addition to the actual voice acting, are a very nice diversion after you get past integral parts of the storyline. Now down to the naughty bits..

Secrets! Yes, those naughty little wet dreams that most videogames won't tell you they have, which usually means you usually have to go net surfing to find them. War of the Lions still retains all of the old secrets that you held near and dear to your heart (like Cloud as a playable character that made most fanboys bust a nnn... you get the picture). In addition to the old content, Square Enix has decided to put some new cool updated content in. Balthier from Final Fantasy XII and Luso, which is a character from an upcoming DS version of Tactics are brand new secret characters for you all to salivate over. Also, the Dark Knight and Onion Knight jobs are new as well. The requirements for Dark Knight are a bit steep, but it pretty much is the strongest job there. And now for the best part...

Multiplayer! *hears cheers from the audience* FFT supports Versus and Co-Op ad-hoc for those long lonely Mog-less nights. In Co-Op, you take a errand just like you do in the actual game. Instead of just sending one person and hoping he comes back, you actually can take your team and your friends team to the battlefield and try to complete it. Now for the maliciousness in you, Versus basically pits you against your friend. You can set traps on the field for the opposing team to fall into, in addition to the normal tactics battling you will be doing. They even give each team a red or blue hue in order to not confuse people on who they are attacking. By completing either of these, you have a chance to gain access to items that you can't access in the normal story mode. Genji Armor, here we come!

So if you never played Final Fantasy Tactics or if you want grab those old memories by the nads and bust a nnn...just play the game!

The Verdict

This game is a must have for any RPG-fan out there past and present because we still know Cloud make you guys cream your silkies.


They are the same as the PSone version, but there is nothing wrong with that. Better than *cough*FinalFantasyI*cough*.


The score is done very well, just like the previous version. Well actually it is the previous version's soundtrack. Still great though


The ease of changing the overlooking aspect and to rotate the board is very easy. Everything else is pretty intuitive


Long lasting 100 hour+ gameplay with not much loading at all. Easily the best tactics RPG for the PSP.