Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection

Final Fantasy Four-ever

The complete collection lives up to its name, somehow adding more to a 20 year old classic.
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: July 11, 2011
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In what seems like another lifetime ago, a certain reviewer had a somewhat rare commodity in a genuine Neo Geo Home System. He probably paid some exorbitant amount for it, but nonetheless, he traded that Neo Geo for a used SNES and a copy of Final Fantasy II and a promise of a new copy of the soon to be released Final Fantasy III. Said reviewer might have gotten a little ways into his adventurers with Cecil and his crew when Final Fantasy III appeared at his house and he may well never have gone back and completed Final Fantasy II. Yes, that may well have happened.

Today we know those games by their proper names of Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VI, and until the recent release of Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection, yours truly still hadn't ever finished the game. That's pretty tough to believe, given the number of times the game has been rereleased. Since the original SNES game, in America alone we got a Game Boy Advance port, a PlayStation port that was bundled with Chrono Trigger, a redone version with new art and other additions on the Nintendo DS, and a rerelease of the original SNES game made it onto the Wii Virtual Console. Seriously, if you ever wanted to play the game and yet you haven't by now, well, I don't know what to say. You definitely had your chances. So really, why did someone feel the need to release another version for the PSP? Was it some sort of typical cash grab? No sir, it is most definitely not!

That's because the release of Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Squeenix has put together is almost definitely for sure the most complete release of the game we will ever see. To start with, the original game has been given a makeover, cleaned up with 16:9 graphics that might still look like 16-bit 2D sprites, but they are really sharp 16-bit 2D sprites. It's got the CG movies from the DS remakes, and a rearrangement of the soundtrack. But that isn't all you get. You also get the little seen sequel, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years that follows the cast of characters years after the events of the original game. The After Years was originally released only for Japanese cell phones (those Nipponese have cell phone technology that evolved in an entirely different way than Western phones… it's like Marsupials in Australia) and then appeared as a WiiWare title, so there is a good chance you haven't played that. Even if you have, you HAVEN'T played Final Fantasy IV: Interlude, an all new adventure that was added to this collection to bridge the gap in the two existing games.

There is no denying that is a LOT of content to pack onto a UMD (one of the last ever, I'd imagine), and long time fans of the series will probably find that to be enough to justify picking this collection up. But how about for the rest of us? Would JRPG fans be doing themselves a disservice if they didn't snatch this up? Maybe… but probably not…
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