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[Interview] Dana Jan, Game Director at Ready at Dawn

We sat down with God of War: Ghost of Sparta's game director to talk about his career, the future of Ready at Dawn, the PSP2, Kevin Butler, motion controls, 3D, and, of course, Ready at Dawn's upcoming game.

[Hardware Review] Sony NWZ-W252 Metal Gear Solid Walkman

Looking to inject a bit more Snake into your workout? Oh, Sony's got you covered, and they've got a little surprise in there too.

Sony Rolls Out PSP go Offerings

San Francisco plays host to SCEA's official PSP go launch event and we were there to check it out. Everything from Minis to GTA inside...

[Hardware Review] PSP Slim and Light (PSP-2000)

Sony's newer PSP model breathes new life into their little wunderportable.

[Q&A] Gun: Showdown

We sit down with Rebellion Entertainment and get their take on taking Neversoft's brutal portrayal of the Old West and making it portable.

[Q&A] Killzone: Liberation

Sony has a chat with their own 2nd party development team, Guerilla Games, to help spi--errr explain some of their upcoming PSP spin-off's tasty new features.

Pre-E3 2006: SCEA Blowout

A look at the company's up and coming PS2 and PSP games that just may have you screaming "I <3 SONY!" all over again.

[Q&A] From Russia With Love

Take a peek at what's going into the multiplayer aspect of EA's pint-sized Bond effort.

LEGO Star Wars II, Developer Diary

The Original Trilogy is getting LEGO-ized -- find out what's going into this Force-driven sequel from the team that made it. Be sure to check back for a new diary each month!

Super Monkey Ball Adventure, Developer Diary

How does an up-and-coming British developer go about making an adventure title out of a well-known Japanese puzzle franchise? Traveller's Tales tells all!

Kingdom of Paradise Q&A

Get more info on Climax and Sony's action RPG than you ever thought you needed in this lengthy Q&A.