Disgaea Infinite

Finite Problems, Infinite Potential

Disgaea Infinite isn't a game, per se. But will it entertain you, dood?
Author: Ryan Green
Published: August 14, 2010
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After spending much time with the Disgaea universe, I have come to appreciate moral ambiguity, sympathetic murderous heroes, and big-busted women that will kill you in style. While these things arenít original to Japanese games, let alone their comedy, it is at its finest whenever Nippon Ichi Software is involved. For fans, you have come to known NIS America for bringing games from Japan and making them into proper ports that a casual US anime fan could appreciate.

With that in mind, it puzzles me when I think about Disgaea Infinite as something beyond a heavily story-driven title. To be frank, I am not entirely sure what I have spent the past 10 hours playing. At its core, Disgaea Infinite isnít a video game like the strategy role playing games you have come to know them for. Alternatively, it isnít another episode from Makai Senki Disgaea, the anime series based on Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. The only fair way to describe it is as a choose your own adventure with limited correct paths.

To avoid any spoilers as possible, you play as a Prinny, one of those characters you feel bad for getting treated like garbage until you remember they were terrible people in their past life. This Prinny exists during the events after Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, so the diminutive bastard Laharl, vindictive Etna, the love maniac Flonne, and the rest (as well as some unexpected characters) will be arguing over the smallest things for hours on end.

Your little penguin-monster comes across a watch that can remove the user from its body and rewind time. During the course of Disgaea Infinite, you must posse other characters in an attempt to alter the future. However, you will never know when to stop floating inside of a characterís (or inanimate objectís) body because everything is a mystery. You donít know how the events of the future come to be, but you have no choice but to find out.

Here in lies the tragic fault of Disgaea Infinite, in that you will relive many of the same moments over and over again. To find out how to stop a character from exploding, you need to get lucky and be attached to the right character at the right interaction. Aside from possession, at given moments you can use the mind control ability which allows you to pick a different response for that character. You will screw up many times, going down too similar paths to even pick up any clues, resulting in reading the same text repeatedly. The game punishes you but never lets you truly learn from your mistake. Unless you are very perceptive, knowledgeable, or lucky, you can easily read the same text 5 times in the span of 15 minutes.
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