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Death Jr.

Death Comes to PSP Owners

The end is nigh! Repent or be forced to save the world with little more than a scythe and some exploding hamsters!
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: August 16, 2005
The very first game to be shown off for Sony's little portable that could is finally making its way to store shelves as you read this. Backbone Entertainment's labor of love mixing traditional platforming elements, weapons-based combat and a bit of light puzzle solving is finally seeing the light of day just in time to rescue PSP owners tiring of all their homebrew apps.

Let Death Jr.'s tale be a lesson to all you lovestruck kids. Just because the girl you pine after is an OC goth girl with a Pandora complex, it's really no reason to go and open an unopenable box, thus unleashing the demon Moloch and his unholy armies. It's just not worth it.

Worse still, think of your friends; the nervous hand-bleeding Stigmartha, Smith and Weston, the conjoined near-mad scientists connected at the head, and surely you haven't forgotten about the armless, legless, Tourette's-stricken foreign exchange student in a vat. Not good ol' Seep!

"Death Jr. offers an exciting original experience with fresh new characters that will appeal to a wide range of gamers," explained a wizened Dennis Lee, Group Manager at Konami Digital Entertainment - America, a man paid to know how exciting this game will be. "With some of the highest quality graphics for a handheld device, this title should be an immediate favorite."

Hey, Dennis Lee is a professional opinion giver, so it's probably best to listen to the guy. You should probably run out and pick up a copy of the game -- or two or three! Or, you could hold off for a couple more days while we plow through the game and report back with the verdict. The choice is yours, though, smarty man. Choose wisely.