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D3 Wants to Show You One Killer Night

Dead Head Fred + Halloween = Contest time!
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: August 8, 2007
We sure do like the cut o' D3Publisher's jib. See, someone there thought to themselves, "Self, we should totally find a way to promote Dead Head Fred. Wait! What about tying it in with that new Halloween movie that Rob Zombie is putting his interpretation into? WAIT AGAIN! What about having a contest where three winners will get a private hometown pre-release screening of the movie with up to 50 of their bestest best friends. WAIT YET AGAIN!!!! What if we called Dimension Films and pitched this idea to them?" That person then high-fived themselves, laughed maniacally as they punched in the number and pitched it. We imagine the conversation went something like this:

D3P: "Dude, we've got this awesome idea... A-psstpsstpsstpsstpssstwhisperwhispermumblemumble..."
Dimension: "Kay."
D3P: "Sweeeeet."

And there you have it. The contest has already started, and to enter you have to register on, but that's about it. Get the full scoop on the game at the official Dead Head Fred web site (or, better still, you can just check out our preview of the game because we're even more awesome than the official site apparently), find out about the contest right over here, and if you don't know what we're talking about in regards to all this Halloween bidnizz, then definitely get your butt on over to the official movie site. Good luck!