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Dave Mirra BMX Challenge

Mirra Rides to PSP

Dave Mirra BMX games aren't gone yet. First details inside.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: April 13, 2006
One of Acclaim's few consistently solid titles were the Z-Axis-developed Dave Mirra BMX games -- at least until Acclaim decided it would be a really good idea to have the Hayward, CA-based developer make BMX XXX. Dave Mirra refused to have his name involved in the game, Z-Axis phoned the development of it in, and Acclaim. Well, we all know where Acclaim is now.

But that doesn't mean Dave Mirra wasn't keen on raking in a couple bucks by having his name attached to a game. In fact, he's decided interested in resuming the series, though he's entrusting his good name to the folks at Newport Beach-based Crave Entertainment, who will be publishing a PSP version of the game under the moniker Dave Mirra BMX Challenge.

"Dave Mirra is the king of BMX, widely recognized and admired in the action sports lifestyle community," gushed Jim Flaharty, senior VP of Crave Studios. "His enthusiasm for his sport and videogames make him a great partner and an invaluable contributor to the development process."

While we don't know too much about the game (such as who's developing it, though judging by the "Crave Studios" name Mr. Flahraty is heading up, it's internal), but we do know it'll offer 4-player Wi-Fi multiplayer (ad hoc only, sadly), 17 levels across 9 environments and 9 different bikes. If we were the betting type, we'd guess there's probably some bike and/or create-a-character-level customization that will be added.

With E3 coming up next month, and the game slated for an October release, we might just get a peek at it. If it's as impressive as the previous games that shared the Miracle Boy's name, we'll make sure we let you know.