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The Division

Tom Clancy's The Division Shows Off New Engine

Now give us a release date!
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: December 9, 2013
Ah good old Mr. Clancy. Sure, we all know he secretly fantasizes that he's Jack Ryan but as my old friend Ronald Reagan says, the man knows how to spin a damn good yarn. It's true that in recent years he settled into a Madden-esque role where he puts his name all over the covers of books written by the legions of rabid followers he's developed. I highly doubt he's ever had any real input into any of the video games he's put out, going all the way back to Red Storm Rising.

That video game history is pretty rich however, and by and large the Clancy name has meant a quality game. For that reason we've been keeping a pretty close eye on The Division, the upcoming online RPG/shooter hybrid experience that looks to push things in new directions.

The game takes place in a shattered New York City of the future. Yes, this is some well-tread territory but with the legacy of realism that Clancy games have been known for we're expecting a haunting atmosphere. Players will be able to recognize the remnants of their favorite landmarks or even their own homes. Alas, all those areas are now overrun with clans who aren't interested in your tourism dollars or acting like the chamber of commerce.

As an agent of The Division, you'll be tasked by the President himself with heading into these areas and cleaning things up after biological warfare breaks out. Check out some action in the hot new Snowdrop engine in the trailer below and you'll see just why we are excited.