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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Activision Announces The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Welcome back to the city, kid!
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: October 14, 2013
When I hear the name Spider-Man 2 I immediately think think of some of the best web-slinging through cities I've experienced this side of... anything! The rest of that fateful PS2 game got old pretty fast though and in the end it was a disappointment.

Hopefully the newly announced The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will strike a higher note. Veteran Spidey developer Beenox is on board to helm the followup to their 2012 game from the first movie (of the reboot) and this one is set to hit the consoles (PS3 AND PS4) alongside the new movie this spring.

“The first The Amazing Spider-Man game gave players their own beautifully animated, free-roaming city of Manhattan to traverse and explore – a playground of majestic scale in which to live out our common hero fantasies,” said Thomas Wilson, Co-Studio Head of Beenox. “And the overwhelming message from fans was: ‘MORE!’ That’s what our team is working toward with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – we’re giving gamers more abilities, more upgrades, more challenges, and more freedom to progress. And with the game launching alongside the new movie, offering an expanded interactive experience beyond the film, fans of the franchise won’t want to miss playing it.”

So get set to step into the shoes of Peter Parker once again as he gets to explore a bigger Manhattan than we've ever seen in a Spidey game. Also new this year will be a Infamous-esque "Hero or Menace" system that takes Spidey's actions into account a rewards him for doing good deeds and punishes him for any wanton chaos he might cause. Poor Spidey always seems to get a bad rap.

With Beenox's track record for pretty solid Spidey games combined with the decent narratives of the rebooted Spider-Man franchise we're feeling good about the chances for a front-page story here.