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[E3 2013] The Thing That Goes Bump In The Night

The boys from Eidos Montreal gave is a good look at the next Thief game.
Stealth Action ps4 Jun 12, 2013

[E3 2013] I Feel The Need, The Need For Driving

We took on all comers (and lost) in Sony's Driveclub.
Racing ps4 Jun 12, 2013

[E3 2013] Thank God They Left The Lights On

We get to play around with Outlast for a little while.
Horror ps4 Jun 11, 2013

[GDC 2013] Total Eclipse of the Chart

EA and DICE forego the usual pre-presentation boasting and head right into the action, and we had prime seats. Impressions inside.
First-Person Shooter ps4 Mar 26, 2013
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