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Free Online Access for All PS4 Users This Weekend

Holding out on getting PlayStation Plus? See what you are missing out on for free.
Author: Ryan Green
Published: September 22, 2014
Sony has announced plans for a free multiplayer weekend for all PlayStation 4 owners starting this Friday.

From September 26th (12:01am Pacific) until September 28th (11:59pm Pacific), all online multiplayer features will be unlocked for PlayStation 4 owners in North America.

European PSN accounts, fear not; free multiplayer access will be unlocked during the exact same time period from September 26th (8:00am BST) until September 29th (9:00am BST). If I know my time zones, those times are the same! Friends from all over can play online for free, the way we used to back in the day.

Because it is a free multiplayer weekend, access to other PlayStation Plus benefits are not up for grabs. Anyone planning to get some cheap and easy trophies will be out of luck.

The paywall for online multiplayer features has been hotly contested in the gaming community, specifically due to Microsoft charging for its Xbox Live services since the original Xbox. The recent shift on Sony's part to require PlayStation Plus for nearly all online multiplayer features is considered a step backwards for the console gaming community, and the potential benefits for gamers (i.e. matchmaking, server connectivity) have yet to surface. Online features remain free for nearly all PlayStation 3, PSP, and PS Vita titles.

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