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PlayStation 4 update brings Theme support

Feeling blue about the PS4 interface? Sony's next major update for the console hopes to change that.
Author: Ryan Green
Published: September 1, 2014
Announced during Sony Japan's press conference, PlayStation 4 users will finally be able to change the console OS theme.

Set to launch with firmware update 2.0, custom themes will be supported on PlayStation 4, allowing for users to change the background art and the icons on the homescreen. Custom themes will also be coming to the PlayStation Vita as of firmware update 3.30, allowing for a unified background image as well as custom icon support. No specific details were mentioned for North American or European theme support but it is likely they will appear once the update goes through on both platforms.

Firmware 2.0 was touted back at Gamescom 2014, bring a slew of other major system features to PS4 owners. In addition to custom themes, firmware 2.0 will bring YouTube support and Share Play, the latter of which allows your friends to take control of your game remotely for an hour to help you overcome difficult gameplay. Expect to see Firmware Update 2.0 later this fall.

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