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New PlayStation 4 Firmware Update Brings 3D Support

Along with a few other features, PS4 owners can now watch 3D Blu-rays as of the latest update.
Author: Ryan Green
Published: July 29, 2014
Launching today, PlayStation 4 Firmware Version 1.75 is now live in North America.

As announced previously by Sony's Twitter account, this latest firmware update brings a few tweaks to the PS4 including Blu-ray 3D support.

According to the update page, Sony has improved audio quality for Blu-ray and DVDs when played at 1.5x speed, unified system messages to appear strictly on the top-left side of the screen.

Firmware Update 1.75 also includes automatic downloads of Featured Content while the console is in stand-by or powered on., meaning all demos and betas will download automatically to your system without having to directly access the PlayStation Store.

The 1.75 Firmware Update is the first feature update since April 2014 when Sony added ShareFactory, the video editing application, to the PlayStation 4.