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Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Releasing Earlier Than Expected

That's not something you hear every day.
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: July 25, 2014
There has been a lot of buzz building about the upcoming Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor in recent months. What we've seen so far is a blend of the modern Batman combat and the timeless lore of Middle Earth. The icing on this cake is the enemy upgrade system where you'll see enemies (orcs) that defeat you returning later as gradually more and more powerful named orcs, and eventually various orc factions develop and war between themselves (creating still more powerful orcs for you to battle from the survivors). Heck, this might be the TPS "most anticipated game" for this fall.

The great news is that it turns out we won't have to wait quite as long as we thought to really dig into it. Originally scheduled to his shelves on October 7th, Warner Brothers has bumped the date up a week and now you'll be able to jump right in on September 30th (or October 2nd for our European friends). Why take the unusual step of moving the release up a week? We'll never know the real story, but WB told us this was a move made "based on hearing fan's excitement" so they just wanted is to get to it earlier. A little speculation about crowded release schedules might also be warranted here.

Shadow of Mordor takes a bit of a different tack than we usually see from Middle Earth game. It opens with Sauron's return to Mordor (which sets into motion the events that are chronicled in the books, but which is only mentioned in passing) and as the Black Captains cut down the Rangers on watch they take out a certain Ranger by the name of Talion. Our friend Talion is soon returned from death's grip by a spirit of vengeance. Enter the player, tasked with exacting revenge for the deaths of his family and himself. Navigating the Nemesis System that will create powerful enemies, eventually Talion will uncover the truth behind the Rings of Power.

Good news people! The doldrums are finally coming to an end. Look at all these games!