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Watch Dogs Bug Appears Fixed On PS4, Other Platforms

After several weeks of being unable to play the game at all, Watch Dogs may be playable once again.
Author: Ryan Green
Published: June 24, 2014
On June 2nd, we reported that Watch Dogs was being affected by a game-breaking bug across multiple platforms. Today, some hope might be on the way, if not already here.

Recently, Ubisoft announced that there was an official fix on the way that would solve the 90% loading issue. According to Ubisoft, "[w]e have identified the factors creating those issues and we believe we may have found a solution. Further testing will be necessary but hopefully we're on the right track." Gamers across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC gaming platforms were unable to load their once playable save file, noting that around the 90% progress mark on the game's loading bar would idle indefinitely.

While it is unofficial, there have been scattered reports of save files working again across PC and console platforms. On a personal note, I have discovered that my save file on PlayStation 4 is playable again. Although recent patches across platforms have been issued, some users are reporting that their save files are unable to load.

Let us know @TPSeditors if your game is working again.