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Watch Dogs Bug Hindering Gamers From Enjoying Life, Watch Dogs

While a solution has been proposed, there is no current fix to a game-breaking bug.
Author: Ryan Green
Published: June 2, 2014
As was surfaced recently on Ubisoft's forum, gamers have encountered a game-breaking bug while attempting to load Watch Dogs.

According to the forum support thread, players (across platforms) are unable to have the game load past the 90% mark, rendering the game completely unusable at this time. While it is noted that there is a temporary fix in place at this time, Ubisoft has stated that they are investigating the issue further and will have an update when a proper fix is in place.

The proposed workaround involves players backing up their save files (via either USB drive or PS+ cloud saving), deleting all local data for Watch Dogs, reinstalling the game and the most recent update, then loading the save data back onto the console. It is unclear how reliable this method is, but it is unlike that it will be the only solution for gamers going forward. There is no current estimate on how long it will take to see a patch, nor is there a clear reason as to why this bug is occurring.

On a related note, this loading bug has impacted my play through and while I have tried to use the workaround proposed by Ubisoft support (several times, I may add), my efforts have not been successful. Your milage may vary, but keep in mind that what they suggest you try is a very common response from many tech support agents for a variety of games and bugs therein.

It was originally suggested that the bug was related to uPlay (particularly the bonuses players receive for completing tasks in the game). This claim regarding uPlay impacting the game has yet to be substantiated but is eerily similar to issues seen in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, where PlayStation gamers were unable to participate in some activities due to the size of their PSN friend's list being over 99 people.

We will update this story as it develops.