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Costume Quest 2 PlayStation Release Dates Revealed

Just in time for Halloween Costume Quest 2 arrives on PlayStation.

Battlefield 4 Premium Edition Announced

Late to the party? Don't worry; you can be a new kid on the block with a re-release of last years Battlefield with all the bells and whistles.

Destiny Severs Down, New Crucible Event Starts

Can't figure out what is going on with Destiny right now? Don't worry; Bungie is [hopefully] making it better as we speak.

Free Online Access for All PS4 Users This Weekend

Holding out on getting PlayStation Plus? See what you are missing out on for free.

New Dragon Quest and Silver PlayStation 4 announced for Japan, mild envy ensues

Will we see it outside of Japan? Why is it so lumpy?

Disgaea 5 Coming to PlayStation 4

If you happened to platinum or otherwise complete every single Disgaea release and re-release, you now have another game to look forward to.

PlayStation 4 update brings Theme support

Feeling blue about the PS4 interface? Sony's next major update for the console hopes to change that.

Yakuza sequel announced for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4

Sega's popular open world crime series is in development once again.

Day Z is coming to PS4

Zombie permadeath chaos is coming to test your survival skills on PlayStation 4!

Tearaway Unfolded is coming to PS4

Watch out for paper cuts, one of Vita’s greatest games is being reimagined for PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 Sales Reach 10 Million

That sure sounds like a lot!

Save The Trees, Sierra Is Back!

What's next, Microprose?

Sleeping Dogs Coming to PlayStation 4

If you missed out on downloading it for free on PlayStation Plus, you now have another opportunity to play an excellent open world game... for additional cash money...

Evolve Delayed To 2015

Monster hunting mayhem pushed back to next year.

Sony Announces PlayStation Plus Content for August

Time to clear out some space on your hard drive! Here's a fresh batch of PS+ titles for North America and Europe.

New PlayStation 4 Firmware Update Brings 3D Support

Along with a few other features, PS4 owners can now watch 3D Blu-rays as of the latest update.

The Last of Us PlayStation 4 Bundle announced

With the upcoming reissuing of The Last of Us, Canadian gamers will have a chance to get a great system and a fantastic game for one price.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Releasing Earlier Than Expected

That's not something you hear every day.

Battlefield Hardline Delayed Until 2015

Originally set to launch during Holiday 2014, EA and Visceral Games push Battlefield a few months.

PS Store PLAY 2014 Brings Indie Games At Discount

Another year, another incentive to buy games and save money in the process... assuming you were buying these games...

Destiny Composer Settles Lawsuit With Bungie, According To Reports

The popular, long-time music composer for Bungie's Halo series and its upcoming title, Destiny, sees financial compensation.

Big Update coming to TowerFall Ascension

One of our favorite PlayStation 4 games is finally catching up to its PC counterpart. Winter is coming... because seasons change over time...

TotalPlayStation is "hiring" writers!

We are looking to expand our numbers. Are you a bad enough dude/chick/person to do it?

Watch Dogs Bug Appears Fixed On PS4, Other Platforms

After several weeks of being unable to play the game at all, Watch Dogs may be playable once again.

Brace Yourselves For A White PlayStation 4

Coming later this year, those of you [smart] holdouts will be able to join the party without looking like everyone else.

[E3 2014] Press Conference Roundup

It's not just games... this thing does TV too!

New Mortal Kombat Game Announced For 2015

Ed Boon needs and Warner Bros. know you want more animated characters pounding the living daylights out of each other, but you have to wait until next year.

Watch Dogs Bug Hindering Gamers From Enjoying Life, Watch Dogs

While a solution has been proposed, there is no current fix to a game-breaking bug.

Changes Coming to PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection

The changes are small, but will bring some much-needed clarity and consistency to a game's availability on the service.