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Need For Speed Rivals

New Trailer And Screens For Need For Speed Rivals

My things look pretty.
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: August 20, 2013
I've said my peace quite a few times about how I admire the venerable Need for Speed series. It's longevity is only exceeded by that of the Test Drive series in terms of racing games. Both of those series have gone through some periods of decline, but in recent times Need for Speed has bounced back with some solid games like Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted (although they have had a few clunkers like Shift and The Run mixed in).

Their latest project, Need for Speed Rivals is set to hit this year for both the PS3 and PS4. From everything we've seen so far it looks to be the game that finally destroys the bridge between off-line and on-line play with an overarching mode that encompasses the same continuous universe regardless of where you are playing.

In case you haven't heard, this game is bringing the focus more than ever to the "two sides of the law", an experiment they have been trying for a few iterations at this point. The beauty of this years plan is how you can be in your own little world enjoying a little bit of an illegal race out there on the country roads and then BAM you tear past your friend who is playing a cop in hot pursuit of his own set of racers back at his house. Just like that he can whip the wheel around and start chasing YOU, shifting your comfortable single-player experience to a hectic competitive one. Of course they've also added in "second screen" support so you can track stuff on your tablet or even call in help. Check out the latest trailer below:

As you can see, Rivals is coming together nicely. It'll be hitting the PS3 on November 19th, and while the PS4 version doesn't have a definitive date yet, we expect it to be out in close proximity.