Guacamelee: Super Championship Turbo Edition

Another Helping Of Guacamelee Soup

We’re back for more with one of our favorite games from the LAST generation!
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: October 18, 2014
It would be fair to wonder if the folks at Drinkbox Studios just sat around all day developing new memes that they could use in their games. They were somewhat subtle in the Tales From Space series and a little more heavy-handed in the original Guacamelee release on the PS3. They haven’t given that up for the release of Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition. Not that there is anything wrong with that! In fact, I still chuckle every time I see another Casa Crashers poster. Therefore it is a little odd to me when I see people getting all up in arms over their inclusion into the games, as if that sort of thing in any way takes away from the quality of the game.

For those who aren’t familiar, if you want to know the basics of the PS4 version of Guacamelee you should jet over to our original review and see just how great we thought it was. As you might expect, it’s only gotten a little better with the jump to the next generation. Not only do you get that again this time around, you get some sharper graphics (at least I think you do… they looked sharper to me!), punched up sounds and, best of all, all the extra DLC content and the bits that were added on for the Vita port. Yes, you get not just the great “metroidvania” experience from the original, but you also get the full and robust set of extra challenges, an extra boss, and a whole new passel of trophies to go out and earn. Of course all those extras come with a small price. You won’t get a free copy of Guacamelee if you own an earlier version, but you WILL get a nice discount which is a very nice inclusion from the boys (and girls?) over at Drinkbox.

Now, I can’t confirm this… but I do believe that one of the biggest hurdles in the original game, the epic battle against Jaguar Javier, the point at which I almost gave up in frustration after getting just pounded by him over and over again, may have been nerfed a bit this time around. I couldn’t find any conclusive evidence of this of course, but anecdotally I handled him rather easily in just two tries (and the first try was only a failure due to my own lack of paying attention) and so I do believe they may have made it easier! In fact, I felt like the overall difficulty may have come down a notch, but if you are still looking for a challenge you can definitely find it over in the challenge rooms, where getting a gold medal can involve you using every single skill you’ve acquired in the game in some interesting ways to solve the riddles or win the fights. And there are a LOT of skills in the game (at least for the genre) so you need some real dexterity on that dualshock to get it all done.

Should you get Guacamelee for your PS4? Have you played it before? On multiple platforms? Do you hate videogames? Are your thumbs broken? Actually, it doesn’t matter how you answered those questions, you should be getting this game. If you’ve played it before you can grab it on the cheap and the new content will make it worth it (they also changed or got rid of quite a few of the memes, so keep checking out those posters!) and if you haven’t played it you have been missing out on a solid game with a fantastic art style and loads of content. As we start to see more content released for the new console it’s easy for stuff to get buried under new releases and it’s easy to ignore “rereleases” but this is one that deserves every bit of attention you can give it!
The Verdict

A great PS3 game becomes a great PS4 game that still has value for people who played it on the PS3 or Vita. DrinkBox has done a great job of updating the game and of offering a deal for owners of the original. A PS4 must own!


Guacamelee is one of those games that can look incredibly sharp and has colors that really pop. In the days of muted desert tones and dark and gloomy atmosphere it is a nice change to see a game that embraces the whole palette.


Who doesn't like a catchy bit of mariachi music? Really, the music is just as vibrant as the colors and even though like any other game you'll hear it a lot, it never does get old.


There are a lot of things to mapped to a single controller, so I'd be lying if I said it didn't get a little hectic at times, but overall things are tight and you won't get too frustrated fighting the controls.


Just like the original this is game is a great length and never overstays its welcome. The addition of all the challenge rooms adds even more value and searching for collectibles gives you more to do after you beat it.