Disney Infinity 2.0

Infinity Plus One

We’re back for more with Disney Infinity 2.0
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: September 30, 2014
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We looked specifically at the PS4 version for this review, and you can definitely see that they’ve added some fidelity to the graphics as compared to the last-generation model. It’s still not the most stunning game you’ve come across, but it has a sharp look and the cutscenes had my kids cracking up. They’ve borrowed a page from the wacky Lego storytelling style and the writing is snappy. All playsets have excellent integrated co-op, either with one friend at home or three online. It can get a little hairy with 4 heroes running around, especially when 3 of them are little kids who don’t know what they are doing, but the chaos is part of the fun.

You can’t look at Disney Infinity without commenting on the commercial aspect. You’ll need a whole new starter set that is a bit more expensive than your standard game, and that gives you The Avengers playset, a new base (which is identical to the last base) and a couple characters. Additional playsets are almost as much as a standard retail game, and figures will run you $10-15 apiece. As usual, playsets include one major character and one more minor one while super popular ones still have to bough separately. The power discs are back again, and they are yet another money sink. Hard core collectors who want it all are going to be looking at a major investment, and even someone with a couple kids who have different ideas of who their favorite figures are can cause costs to add up. The nice thing is these figures are solid and fairly detailed and if your kids are creative they can be played with independently of the video game. Disney doesn’t include as much of an in-game push to purchase stuff as a series like Skylanders which I can appreciate as a parent.

When summing up my feelings about Infinity 2.0 I have to keep in mind this isn’t a game for me or any other hard-core gamers. Rather than my views, it was the views of my kids that I took to heart when thinking about this review. The simplicity of the game was perfect for them, and while I was disappointed in the lack of variety this time around, there is no denying that the properties they chose to lead with were wildly popular with my kids and their classmates. Guardians of the Galaxy has may more cachet with young kids as compared with Lone Ranger or even Pirates of the Caribbean. Maybe they could have stretched the Marvel license a bit further but these are solid games with good stories. They’ve certainly made the Toy Box a little more accessible this time and with the new creative options for building your own stuff they’ve opened that up to my kids as well. They both love rushing home from school to see what the latest creations are now that more are rolling in, and it looks like Disney Infinity will have some staying power around my home. If you have kids that are into video games you could do a lot worse than exposing them to this product!

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The Verdict

Once again Disney has released a polished entry into a somewhat crowded space. While it lack the variety of the first release it makes up for it with refined systems and tight controls (out of vehicles). The real test was my kids, who loved every second.


It's not going to blow your socks off, but it's still a good looking game that is definitely a step up from the last generation. The character models are all very expressive.


Sure, you won't find the voice actors from the films, but the folks they got are decent and more importantly they are funny. My kids laughed a LOT, especially with Spidey.


These aren't the most complex games, and the fact that the controls carry over pretty fluidly between playsets mean that it's never a chore to pick things back up when you switch games. My kids don't have the highest dexterity but they got around fine.


What you are getting here (regardless of set) is a simple platformer that works will for kids. The lack of variety among the first 3 sets is worrisome, but you'll still get gameplay variety via different characters. Skill Tree is a nice addition.