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Destiny Severs Down, New Crucible Event Starts

Can't figure out what is going on with Destiny right now? Don't worry; Bungie is [hopefully] making it better as we speak.
Author: Ryan Green
Published: October 7, 2014
Recently, Bungie announced that all Destiny servers (across PlayStation and Microsoft platforms) would be down on Tuesday October 7th for maintenance.

According to the developer's website, a series of server and console fixes are being put into place to improve connectivity and balance several multiplayer components. Improved matchmaking and the removal of a quick-scope bug on some weapons we explicitly called out for this new update. As a result, the game servers will be taken down from 7am Pacific until an unspecified time.

A new client-side patch is available for PlayStation owners (just in case you don't have automatic updates set for your system).

Additionally, Bungie has announced a new in-game event called the Iron Banner. Replacing the PVE Queen's Wrath event, Iron Banner will focus exclusively on The Crucible and allows players to earn reputation for a new faction.

What faction, you ask? The Iron Banner.

Along with new Legendary gear to earn, this event brings a new multiplayer playlist that enables level advantages. In other words, bring your best character to fight because a bunch of low-level blues and greens won't cut it. Iron Banner clearly is meant to cater to the many struggling guardians out there who just can't seem to make it to the high-20s or level 30 mark. Now is your chance, my friends.