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If You Look Closely You'll See Some Contrast In These Screenshots

Contrast THAT with how much money you'll save just by playing!
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: November 8, 2013
Looking for something to play next week when the PS4 launches but you spent every last cent getting that gorgeous new box into your living room? Well, one can hope you have made a wise investment in a PlayStation Plus subscription. Because if you did... then you might just be getting to play Contrast for free. That day.

Well then you are saying... what on earth IS Contrast? Glad you asked! Contrast is a sleek looking platformer that (get ready for this) focuses on the interplay between light and dark. You'll take the part of Dawn, an imaginary friend of a small girl named Didi. Is your heart touched yet? It will be after you check out the screenshots.

We've all heard the talk from Sony about the support for indie developers and so far they appear to be walking the walk. With both Contrast and Housemarque's Res-o-gun available from the get go (for free!) and a long list of other games coming for not only the PS4 but also the Vita and the venerable old PS3.

If you haven't already gotten PlayStation Plus it isn't ever too late, and if you don't feel like it you CAN still but Contrast like a normal person. We played a bit of the game at E3 and we've been looking forward to digging in deeper since then. If you aren't getting a PS4... it's still going to be on the triple too!