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Spectator Mode in Battlefield 4 Detailed

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Author: Aram Lecis
Published: October 10, 2013
It's only a few short weeks until the release of Battlefield 4 and around the office the excitement is palpable. We've spent the last week exploring every nook and cranny of the Beta and we're reminded that here at TPS we're all about quality writing, but not necessarily about quality playing!

Yes, we get killed a lot, and yes, even as a Support person we still might not be the greatest team players, but put us in a tank and stand back! We'll definitely take down some points for you. Still, there comes a moment when you've just been shotgun sniped for the tenth time after charging to the front lines where you just need to take a break. Maybe watch the action for a bit instead of being part of it.

Well, as detailed in the latest Road to Battlefield blog, Spectator mode is back and better than ever. With the popularity of Shoutcasts and "announcing" competitive gaming sharply on the rise Spectator mode should become an essential part of any match.

Up to four extra slots can be added to any match for spectators, and those spots are IN ADDITION to the 64 (on PS4) slots available for players (plus a pair of commander slots) so there is little reason not to include them. Not only can a player or two sit out and watch between rounds, but it can also be used to help train new clan members in tactics without bringing them directly into the line of fire.

If you haven't been reading the Battlefield blog this is a great time to start. It's filled with deep articles from devs and others with intimate knowledge of the game and it often touches on many development aspects that go overlooked. We are huge fans of this kind of transparency from developers and we hope more companies over this kind of access that DICE is giving us with their blog.