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Basement Crawl

Very Early Details Emerge About Basement Crawl

Basement stuffy? Throw open that launch window! As in, this game is a launch window game... nevermind...
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: October 16, 2013
Let me throw out a couple names:


Spy vs. Spy

Do those mean anything to you? Chances are you know what Bomberman is, but you'll have to be a bit older to appreciate NES classic Spy vs. Spy (although I think of it more on the Commodore64) or you have to like pretty obscure PS2 games. For those that aren't aware, it was a neat like one-vs-one competitive game centered around setting traps and tricking the other player into setting them off. We still fire it up around the office during FunTime Fridays(tm).

Apparently if you combine those two games with crazy developers in Krakow you get the upcoming PS4 launch-window title Basement Crawl which we will be finding out more about shortly. Even without more information we can already tell we love it? How? Well, check out the first two images that have been released in connection with the game and tell me you aren't excited too!

Oh did we mention that this is another launch window title? We did? Well that's sort of a big deal as a few big gmaes seem to be falling a little further back and we;re going to need some stuff to play! Did we mention it will feature multiplayer, classes, and all sort of other stuff that you love in your favorite video game?

I don't understand how this girl sees where she is going

My god! Look at that balance!

Have we mentioned we're excited for this?