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[Shipping Out] March 13th, 2012

Augmented Tales, Dead Souls, Silent Hills, and Narutos will accompany you on this Journey.
Author: Kirsten Weaver
Published: March 13, 2012
Welcome to Shipping Out, our weekly notice of all them thar games that ship from publishers to retailers in preparation for their street date a day later. In many cases, these games won't be on store shelves until tomorrow, but in the interest of getting the word out, letting the PR departments have their fancy quotes and saving us sanity as the weekly releases pile up, we're going to be consolidating everything down into one handy little news story at the end of the day, along with this description. Neat, eh? And lazy!

It's the TPS way!

[PlayStation 2]
It lives! Sorry, false alarm.

[PlayStation Portable]
You’ll be missed little buddy.

[PlayStation 3]

[Silent Hill: Downpour]

Konami took the term March Madness literally this year with the first of three Silent Hill titles due this month. With more puzzles, side quests and terrifying beasties along the way it’s time to break out the nightlight and prepare for some long, sleepless nights.

[Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations]

It’s time to start collecting Naruto cards as Namco Bandai integrates collectible cards with the game to give players a jump in Custom Ranked Matches and unlock correlating artwork for their profile card. If you’re not interested in card collecting there is always the giant roster of over 70 playable characters and a multitude of support characters, which brings all new meaning to the saying “Ask and you shall receive.”

[Yakuza: Dead Souls]

Seedy gangs may have over ridden the Kamurocho district in the past but now hordes of zombies call this place home. Don’t worry about ruining your new suit with zombie brains as Yakuza: Dead Souls now offers the use of pistols, machine guns, and rocket launchers (if you like your zombies extra dead). If we don’t lose him to a super mutant first, check back in the not-too-distant future for Nate’s review.

[FIFA Street]

GOOOAAALLLL! So my dreams of being a world-class soccer player will never come true, but I can now play them out against the most well known clubs in the world. Enjoy playing in parking lots or on the streets of the most famous cities in the world without the danger of being hit by cars; we all know it is top priority to preserve David Beckham for future underwear ads for the sake of women around the world. Look forward to our official review in the upcoming weeks.

[Tales of Graces F]

One of the most anticipated JRPG titles to drop this week as Tales of series makes it’s way to the PlayStation 3 in HD for the first time. Players now have the chance of testing out a new combat system that allows changes in the middle of battle and post launch DLC to give there characters a boost.

“The Tales of series’ strong characters, captivating stories and signature real-time battle system have earned it some of NAMCO BANDAI Games’ most diehard fans,” said Carlson Choi, vice president of marketing for NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. “Tales of Graces f continues with that tradition and we are excited for those fans to help us foster and grow the community for the Western market.”

Check back for my review of Tales of Graces F as soon as I can pry the controller from my hands and work on that whole writing thing.

[PlayStation Network]


Stealthily zoom around as a little orange alien that is just so damn adorable? Count me in. Play as Zero who wants some payback on a group of scientists who took this little guy away from home. Warp is a stealth-action puzzle that allows Zero to eliminate every human or stealthily sneak by while trying to escape.


From the creators that brought us Flower and flOw, and a little bit more zen in our lives, are now back to the PSN. With lush interactive environment and soothing background music we can see why Aram rated it so highly. Check in here for the Journey review and pop over into the PSN tonight for a little soul searching.

[PlayStation Vita]

[Reality Fighters]

Augmented reality is the newest thing and now you can plop yourself into this little game. You can fight in a parking lot, on your couch, or even in your toilet bowl. Take a picture with the either of the Vita’s cameras and get to work smashing skulls.

Publishers! If ya’ll would like to have your games added to our weekly Shipping Out releases, just add News (at) TotalPlayStation (dot) com to your PR blasts and we’ll make sure to add them here.