WWE All-Stars

Can't Think of a Witty Wrestling Title. Any Suggestions, HHH?

Finally, The Rock has come back to the PS3. But is WWE All-Stars the King of the Ring?
Author: Scott Rodgers
Published: April 2, 2011
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Like many guys my age I grew up watching the WWE. Well, back then it was the WWF and no one cared about panda bears but thatís for another review. I remember growing up and thinking that Sgt. Slaughter had single-handedly destroyed the USSR, but by the time we got to The Rock throwing Stone Cold Steve Austin off a bridge and the Undertaker embalming people on national television I started to have my doubts. Of course it seems silly to say such a thing in todayís age where everyone knows that wrestling is scripted, but I remember when Lou Albano was on Foxís Lie Detector. Even though I knew by that time that wrestling wasnít real, it still sticks out in my mind just how hard he tried to almost will the machine into believing him. Not to say that wrestling is fake, quite the contrary, what happens to the brave folks who jump off of cages and through tables is very real. Iím just saying that the magic loses a bit of its luster when you find out that Hulk Hogan didnít really beat Andre the Giant; it was penned that way.

So when WWE All-Stars came into the office it was no surprise that I piped up for it. While everyone else groaned and moaned I saw an opportunity to try out the unique take on sports entertainment. Sure, being able to frogsplash someone on the other side of the ring with Eddie Guerrero was a bonus. The first thing I was greeted with wasnít a welcomed guest, however: a huge, 230+ MB installation. No big deal in this age of day one patches and mega installations, but one would think that this would make the loading flawless. Unfortunately, thatís not the case. This game has the worst loading times this side of early day ModNation Racers. Another problem that stems from this is the fact that the game has to cache every time you boot it up unless itís the last game you played. Confused? Basically, you can take the game out of the disc tray but the moment you put in another game, movie, or even start up a demo from the XMB you have to reinstall the cache. Truth be told, I have no idea why this is, itís the only game I have ever encountered with this quirk. So if youíre looking to boot the game up for a party or anything make sure you can spare the three to five minutes necessary or just do it beforehand.

The action is more than worth the wait, though. The controls, while simple, are easy to grasp after a few matches (though trust me, itís going to take some getting use, especially with the lack of a tutorial). There are light and heavy punches which can be can be used for combos and there are two different grapples that have can have multiple outcomes (four different moves depending on the button you press after a grapple, an Irish whip, and even moves that can be combined into other attacks including the dreaded juggles). Reversals are done by pressing one of the shoulder buttons at just the right time, and sometimes you can end up in quite the standoff with back-to-back-to-back-to-back blocked punches.
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