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Bethesda Gets WET

There's probably a dirty joke in there somewhere, but we're just not seeing it.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: April 27, 2009
There are days when news comes in and it takes everything in you to not snicker a little. Usually that's because we're all a bunch of 15 year-olds, mentally, so when a game with the title WET... well the mind tends to go places it oughtn't. Throw in the fact that the game is made by Artificial Mind and Movement (or, as they refer to themselves, A2M), and the whole office is filled with more giggling than that time a whole busload of ridiculously buxom cheerleaders crashed into the front of the office while we were singing along to Britney Spears in SingStar (we were going for Trophies! It was hard!).

What's truly interesting, though, is the route the game has taken to get to this point. First shown off by A2M themselves quite a while back, the game was originally going to be published by Sierra, but when The Mountain was absorbed into The Activision Blizzard Collective, WET was one of many high-profile (and, in some cases, nearly complete) games to get kicked to the curb. Enter Bethesda Softworks, purveyors of all things Elder Scrolls and now Fallout, who snapped up the game and will be pushing it out to stores this Fall.

“We were looking for a publisher who shares and supports our creative vision of bringing a stylized, daring approach to the shooting genre”, added Patrick Fortier, Creative Director at A2M. “With its impressive track record, Bethesda Softworks is the ideal publisher for WET and we are thrilled to be working together.”

"We're very excited about the opportunity to bring WET to all gamers," giggled Bethesda president Vlatko Andonov. "Our proven success as a publisher which focuses on select, innovative titles matches up perfectly with WET's new class of gameplay."

That gameplay is actually rather reminiscent of Stranglehold, which was itself clearly inspired by Max Payne but with melee combat (so, uh, like BloodRayne, we guess). Still, with Heavenly Sword having long since come and gone, there's been a shortage of female-led pure action games -- especially ones featuring Eliza Dushku as the voice of leading lady Rubi Malone. We're cautiously optimistic about this one, and if we were the betting sort, we'd guess we'll have a chance to play a new build of the game at E3 in about a month. Updates as we get 'em!