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New PSN Icons

Because sometimes it's the simple things in life.
Author: Justin Wong
Published: March 22, 2007
Sony's been pretty busy lately with the European launch and Firmware 1.6 release, but it appears as if they've managed to find time to release something rather trivial in comparison: PSN account icons.

Perhaps Sony felt that with all of the extra PS3 owners that would be created today, it was only right to offer a little more customization variety to spruce up your friends list. Some of the more noteworthy icons joining the fray are from MotorStorm, flOw, Uncharted: Drake's Fotune, Hot Shots Golf 5 and Calling All Cars!, all of which will probably prove to be more popular than less stellar pieces... such as another colored face curl of what looks like fake dog poop or... a Super Rub'a'Dub duck.

We'll be sure to let you know if we come across any other content that Sony has quietly released amidst the buzz of new firmware and whatnot. For now, though, you can sleep easy knowing that all of your friends are running Folding@home in style.