UFC Undisputed 3

The Only Place You Can Punch Junior Dos Santos In The Face

It's revenge of the nerds in UFC Undisputed 3!
Author: Scott Rodgers
Published: February 20, 2012
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Last we checked in with the UFC, they were attempting to get fans off the couch and working out with UFC Personal Trainer. The last ďtrueĒ UFC game was UFC Undisputed 2010 and it featured Brock Lesnar on the cover. My how things have changed since then. Since then Lesnar has retired from the UFC (heís still in the game for fans and haters alike) but now we finally have UFC Undisputed 3. Anderson Silva resides on the gameís cover and looks quite badass while kicking a dude in the face.

Before I start diving into everything, let me say I am a casual UFC fan. I keep up with fights though I very rarely watch them live unless Iím somewhere that has them on. Iíll follow fight topics on the message boards I frequent and Iíve been known to check out Sherdog from time to time. Despite this, I was very interested in getting my hands on Undisputed 3 because I had heard many good things about this series and fans have said that it is a great way to learn and understand the sport. Trust me, this is the closest Iíll ever get to stepping into the octagon and Iím quite thankful for that.

When I first hopped on the game, I was taken aback by just how large the tutorial is. Just about everything you could ever want to learn or master in Undisputed 3 is covered in the gameís 62 level behemoth. The expansiveness is welcomed to a newbie such as myself because I would have never figured out all of the right stick controls and the fact that the game uses everything on the controller. The complexity leads to a high learning curve, however, those who are fresh faced will welcome easy mode. You can win fights on easy by just landing punches, though you obviously want to learn the art of MMA. Once you step up to higher difficulties youíll have to draw on every bit of knowledge that you learned as a newbie.

Like with most games in this genre, I tend to jump into the Career Mode before anything else. Thereís just something about creating your own character and watching them go from being literally the worst fighter in the game to being the champ that fills me with joy. Plus, since Iím a lefty itís always nice to start working on that left hook at the get go. After going through the tutorials and learning things, youíre tasked with fighting your way up from the WFA (World Fighitng Alliance) to eventually making it to the UFC. Along the way youíll pulverize some interesting characters. In my game I fought against a dude with a fantastic looking mustache and a giant American flag on his bicep that made him look like Guile from Street Fighter. I also went toe-to-toe with a scary looking man with giant man boobs and was a submission expert. The randomization and unexpectedness of just what the AI will do makes things fresh and interesting.

My character, ďDieselĒ Fabio Dravinski (I have no idea where that came from), had mutton chops and a left hook that could drop dudes like they were flies. Obviously, my man Fabio needed to stay upright to have a prayer of winning and more often than not I could control the fight with left hooks and right jabs and just making sure I didnít get down on the ground. This worked swimmingly in the WFA, and I went undefeated and bloodied opponents in my wake. Almost every training session I focused on stand up sparring (to improve my punches and kicks) and ended up maxing out those stats. I was flying high and though my character was only in the 70s in overall rating, I figured my time to move up in the world had finally come. Sure, the UFC fighters routinely ranked in the 80s or 90s, but I was a six time defending champion with a left hook that made dudes see stars. What could possibly go wrong?
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